Saturday, May 30, 2015

Since we are two months away from the start of our adventure I figured I should say a something about it. You see, we are going to be traveling about the country, staying in AirBnBs for the most part and generally try to have a lot of fun. We both suffer from Wanderlust and this should help with that. The reason we can do this is that the kids are going to be renting the house and that I get disability pay. That means, that we are being responsible and smart with this plan, trying to get something different out of life. It is really easy to get stuck into a rut and the two of us agree that is what has happened. So we are going to travel, hike, explore, and generally get out of that rut and live according to the way we want. While I was recovering from surgery, we walked a lot and had a great time out in nature. Here it is like pulling teeth in order to actually do anything similar. It is totally a psychological pattern problem. Sure there are ways to change that right here and now but the various times we have done that it was right back into the ruts. Therefore we are going to take the nuke it from orbit option and make a serious change. Living on the road means we will have to simplify our lives. We will only have room for the things we carry with us and the space that is going to be available to store our stuff at the place. This has led us to start pruning our belongings in a major way. We are putting stuff out there on EBay, Etsy,, going to McKay's, and we are planning a yard sale. There is no doubt that before we leave the two of us will have slimmed down our belongings something fierce. That should be interesting when all is said and done. So we are going to drop excess weight, and go out in order to live life to its fullest. That will certainly be a change of pace.