Saturday, September 26, 2015

So, sorry for the lag between posts, but Vermont. It is stunning here. The leaves are starting to turn and I have never seen a wider array of colors than here. It is amazing. There are leaf colors that I have only seen in things like that huge book of color. Unreal. Add to that visiting with friends, going for walks, looking at stores in little towns, driving about, it is actually pretty easy to forget that we have a blog where we are supposed to be telling everyone about our adventures.

Tomorrow we are planning on going hiking with our friends on Mount Ascutney. Yes, that is actually the name. It is nearly in New Hampshire. But since this isn’t really a large state anyway we aren’t exactly stressed about the long drive. :D

Monday, I plan on going to Warren Falls and swimming in the river. The thing is, Warren Falls is a great swimming hole area. The water is really clear and there are several deep pools there that will be great. There are even some places where you can dive into the water. Sure it is going to be tit shrinking cold but I want to do it because I am a touch nuts. J

Tuesday we are back in Montpelier for a few things and then get with the packing. Hopefully we will be able to squeeze in a visit with another friend in the area before the next day because on Wednesday we are shuffling off to Buffalo, where I will eat me some Buffalo Wings.

But today, we were in Montpelier and I bought some books, including a number of Heinlein first editions. Major Score!! We also went to Warren Falls where I came up with my brilliant idea of swimming. I am already cold in anticipation. Now we are home and all is good.

Love you all and miss many of you. Those I don’t miss might be because you are terrible or simply because I don’t know you. Just saying.

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