Monday, August 3, 2015

As many of you know, we have been working really hard to help the kids more fully move in, trim our stuff, move rooms, help their friend move in and get ready for this trip. It has been a crazy 2 1/2 months to be sure and these last 2 weeks have been brutal. Because of this we left later than expected and were on the road late into the night. Yesterday, we slept or lounged all day except to get lunch and dinner. Today I awoke after sleeping 13 hours. Cindy is still asleep. I am just starting to feel recovered. Getting older certainly does a number on your energy reserves. We had intentions of getting up early, exercising, and driving along the Blue Mountain Parkway. That might still happen but I don't know. We are tired. Though the place we are staying at is nice, with a number of cats and a dog. It is also in the middle of nowhere, so very quiet. Yesterday we ate at Dudley's Diner here in Madison Heights and it was really good. Despite looking a bit old and scary, it seems to be a local favorite. The coffee was a bit watery but that was honestly the only food sin I saw. The food was fast, tasty and in good portions. The coleslaw was excellent as were the roasted apples. We are sure to eat there again. Dinner was at a place called Charley's. It was similar to Raffferty's only a bit more casual. Despite having an annoying party behind us, the service was great and the food very tasty. I had Cordon Bleu the first time in decades and it was excellent. Their Risotto was also tasty. Cindy got this BBQ chicken dish that had apple rings and cheddar cheese on it. I was impressed with how tasty it was. So now we need to try and get going, as we are burning daylight. More later.

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