Sunday, August 30, 2015

It is the last day in Virginia. I am kind of sad about that. Our host has been wonderful, the room nice, her daughter is a hoot and the cats have been very catty. How could this be a bad thing? But all things come to an end.

We have been washing and packing, making sure we have all our clothes cleaned and stuff. A little later we are going to be taking the majority of the stuff out to the car so that in the morning we can get up, dress and head to the really cute local diner before we head out on 29. Honestly we don't have as much stuff as we did on the trip up, because we had a whirlwind trip back to TN in order to drop things off, pick up like 4 things, meds for Cindy and back up.

The only downside to this has been the fact that the driving has made my ankle hurt. So my foot is in an ankle brace and propped up. I will certainly be ready to roll come the morrow, no doubts on that. And we are not doing the 11-12 hour drive to Vermont. Instead we are stopping in PA for the night and then away we go.

It should be fun. I will miss Tiffany, Doug, Astrid, and the pets. They have been wonderful and very welcoming. However that is the nature of Walkabout.

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