Saturday, August 8, 2015

Madison Heights, VA

Our first stop is a small town called Madison Heights, just outside of Lynchburg, Virginia. We're renting a room in a house, and the owner, Tiffany is a hoot! We knew from her Airbnb profile that she'd be easy-going and fun, and we were right. Our room is nice, and the animals that live here are great. A couple of the cats seem to be particularly interested in napping on us, especially Opal.

Tiffany and her teenage daughter Astrid have been very welcoming to us, and have become fast friends. It's like spending time with family you don't see often - lots of storytelling and laughter and catching up, even though we never met before last week. I kinda love that, and I love the fact that the Airbnb places will give us a variety of experiences. This one is a family home, next month is a small inn run by a lady named Kathleen. I expect it will feel different in some ways, but I'm sure it will still be lovely.

In admiring a bunch of needlepoint art in her house, I discovered that she did most of them herself, and then got an offer to learn some new techniques from her! She's a crafter, with about as many interests as me, so there have been several conversations about patterns and yarns and quilts and more! It's kinda awesome. She's even going to let me use her sewing machine to work on a project I thought I would have to do at home (or completely by hand, which wasn't likely).

Heather and Tiffany have spent lots of time chatting over a shared love of travel, languages, and living in Europe, so I'm certainly not the only one feeling welcome here.

Completely unrelated to the people, the house is quite comfy, too. The back deck has become one of my favorite spots, and I've spent a lot of time out there, from early mornings to late afternoons to middle of the nights. It's so quiet and peaceful, the breeze blowing by, the trees all around the back yard, the butterflies fluttering past, the sounds of wind and birds in the trees. I love it.

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