Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Today sort of fizzled on us. The good news is that the locals accept us given that the cat Opal wouldn't leave us alone and slept on Cindy's head. The bad news is that Cindy was sick to her stomach most of the day and needed to take one of my promethezine. That led to much unconsciousness, hence Opal sleeping on her head. I waited on her hand and foot, which is easy with a sleeping patient. After a while I headed out to Target to see if they had any of the Gluten Free stuff that ours in Murfreesboro has. It was an arduous trek filled with danger. It rained. There could be danger there. Anyway, long story short, they had the GF stuff and I stocked Cindy up. The cookies made her smile as did the bagels. :D Dinner was the Udi's Lasagna, which was very tasty. Gonna have ice cream for desert. So, we haven't struck out on any local journies yet, but we have plans and have even made a drive plan to have as Circle route as possible. Hopefully tomorrow will take us out to the sights.

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