Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yesterday was really nice. The weather was lovely and so we sat outside on the deck for most of the day. While Cindy was doing something, I decided to wander about the property. So I will be sharing some photos.

This is the view from the mailbox. Yes that tree manages to hide the house.

The Welcome Gnome.

Here is Opal, who was following me as I walked about.

Besides the large front back yard of grass, there are some lovely flower bushes.

Opal is sad that I won't let her attack any of the butterflies.

This is a shed in the back yard that is surrounded by sad fruit trees.

The little walk was nice. The weather is lovely here and it was not too hot. After a bit, a snack was in order. So we had Parmesan crisps, fresh fruit, glasses of sangria, and I had an open face sandwich, which consisted of Genoa salami, havarti, tomato, seasoning on Pumpernickel bread. It was lovely.

Life is so terrible I can barely handle it.

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